2016, a Continuation

A lot of people say that 2016 is a new beginning, a time where people can restart and renew themselves. But for me, it is just the continuation of life, a new chapter, new set of pages to added and to be consumed for the book of life.

New Year’s eve, ’twas been memorable, again. My whole family attended the mass. Then, celebrated the Media Noche together in our Ancestral House. Food was served. The traditionally biko was there, my great great grandmother says “Dapat meron laging biko pag new year, para sa umpisa, tayoy mahigpit na magkadikit. Isang malapit na pamilya”. Tito Gene’s goto is still savoury as ever. Mommy Ising made her delicious gelatin. The others were Liempo, Puto, Mango Float, Spaghetti and Cheesecake. Simple, but hear warming.

Next up, we went outside our house to watch the fireworks. We didn’t have much ‘paputoks’ because ’twas dangerous for the kids. Instead, we used gigantic torotos and of course, our melodious voices. If you know me, I know you are forming a question in your mind, “Did she jump on new year’s eve?”, the answer is yes. Hopefully, I’ll grow a few inches this year, make that A LOT.

My family, specially the oldies and the kids, got tired so head of on our houses. But, my friends called and we went on a roadtrip, just around my hometown. ‘Twas my first time going to Angging’s house, we were stuck in the muddy road and tried pushing the vehicle, yes, with all my outfit.

For a wrap, the year was started off right. With my family, with my friends, and me being happy. I hope this will go on for the rest of the year.